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As an independent servicer, Northway TV & Electronics Repair LLC specializes in component level repair of your big screen, DLP, LCD, or plasma television!  By locating and replacing failed components on your existing pc boards we are able to repair your television for a better price than other shops, who are required to replace whole expensive circuit boards by the manufacturer of your tv!
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We were just made aware of an issue with our number ending in 1373.  This number was not suppose to be published, and acted as a rollover number internally.  During the move AT&T accidently removed the rollover feature.  This caused the 1373 number to constantly be busy.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may of caused, and the issue should be corrected by 12-22-2015.  In the meantime please call our primary number of 919-778-1374.
Beside Delmus Hardware!! (Same Shopping Center)
Goldsboro's Repair Expert of Consumer Electronics.  Including LED, LCD, OLED, Plasma, DLP, CRT and so much MORE!!